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Top 10 Business Central 2022 Wave 1 Features

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Microsoft delivered an impressive list of the most popular and highly requested features on its Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 wave 1 release. We rounded up some of our favorite features in this blog along with a link to each of the feature so you'll learn how to use them. (Note: We haven't published all of them so please bookmark this blog to keep tabs on our updates.)

  1. Consolidate customer and vendor balance. Simplify doing business with a company that is both a vendor and customer with this new feature in Business Central.

  2. Auto-accept transactions for inter-company journals. Remove the manual steps in intercompany accounting process.

  3. Check documents and journals in while you work. Improve productivity and save time by getting early, unobtrusive visual indications of problems with your data in documents and journals. ​

  4. Change default company bank on sales and service documents. Add flexibility to directing customer payments by being able to change the bank account on sales and service documents. ​

  5. Finding documents and entries efficiently. The Find Entries feature has been available on most pages that display posted document or document entries, but now it's also available on all Role Centers. Access the Find Entries feature by using the Ctrl+Alt+Q shortcut key combination anywhere in Business Central.​

  6. Shopify connector. Seamless connection between Shopify and Business Central that lets you synchronize order, stock, and customer information to ensure that merchants can fulfill orders faster and better serve their customers. ​

  7. Support inventory pick and warehouse pick operations for jobs. Businesses can enable warehouse activities for jobs to ensure an effective flow through the warehouse and to organize and maintain inventory.

  8. Set default dimensions on locations. Avoid making a mistake and having to enter dimension manually on the transaction level if all goods are coming out of a single location and department.

  9. Log emails using a shared mailbox and Graph API. Track email exchanges between salespeople and your existing or potential customers and turn them into actionable opportunities. Business Central can work with Exchange Online to keep a log of the inbound and outbound messages.

  10. Create bank deposits. Post all transactions that are included in a single deposit even if you post a lump sum, which makes bank reconciliation easier to do.

See Business Central's latest features in action.

Would you like to see these cool features in Dynamics 365 Business Central through a live demo? Comment below to let us know or book your personalized demo here.


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