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Business is growing, Quickbooks Can’t Keep up – Now What?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Successful businesses are growing businesses — hiring new employees, increasing sales and profits, nurturing relationships with customers.  While you have been growing your business, you may reached the point where your accounting software just can’t keep up.  According to Nucleus Research, 54% of companies adopt new business management solutions for better process integration and 50% do so in order to resolve order processing issues.  If you recognize the three telltale signs below, you’ve outgrown Quickbooks or other entry-level accounting software.

Business is growing, Quickbooks Can’t Keep up – Now What?

  1. You hit a wall.  Entry-level software limits the number of users in the system at one time.  Productivity and data accuracy suffers when your people are waiting to get into the system or using spreadsheets for temporary data collection.

  2. You are more reactive than proactive: It may seem like you are constantly putting out fires – fixing budgets that go awry, responding to problems with customer orders, or trying to figure out where all the cash went.  You can’t focus on your future with delayed and inaccurate data.

  3. Your team is disconnected: The traditional workplace isn’t so traditional anymore, and business doesn’t stop because you or your people are on the road or working from home.  If your systems aren’t as mobile as you are, then you may be left with inaccurate data and little insight as to whether customer needs are being met.

The best solutions for business are simple, flexible and efficient—they’re also from Microsoft.  Connecting people, processes, and systems—all from one place.  Managing your business is much easier when your calendar, email, and business management systems all work together—and are delivered from one trusted source. A business solution from Microsoft combines the business management tools that you need to run your organization with the tools you use to manage your day and collaborate with others.

Microsoft solutions offer a consistent, user-friendly experience that will make you and your team productive from day one.  You can monitor your business, collaborate on documents, enter and approve transactions—all from your phone, tablet, or desktop.  Added flexibility with Microsoft solutions will enable you to get started with what you need now and you can add capabilities or users as your requirements change and your business grows. You can also deploy your solutions in the cloud, on your servers, or a hybrid approach—the choice is yours.

We at Systema Solutions will guide you on how to make that move to Microsoft Dynamics with our team of experts and specialists.  Contact us today to learn how.


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