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What's in store for you with Continia Document Capture 2023 R2 release?

Continia has released new updates to Document Capture and we're excited to share the news with you. If you're currently using it, you're in it for a treat as the latest release promises to elevate your experience and maximize your productivity.  

  • Purchase Contract Intelligence: Discover the power of streamlining your contract management process with the Purchase Contract module. This innovative tool is designed to detect patterns within incoming and previously posted invoices, offering intelligent suggestions for contract creation for recurring invoices. By automating this aspect of your workflow, you can significantly boost efficiency and reduce manual workload.

  • Secure Archive: The Secure Archive feature provides peace of mind by securely storing your original digital bookkeeping documents. With a focus on integrity, traceability, and compliance with local legislation, this feature includes built-in logging to track each document's journey from receipt to final bookkeeping entry. Recognized and certified in Germany as a trusted, audit-proof archiving solution, you can rely on Continia's system to meet your regulatory requirements.

  • Try out Purchase Contracts: Curious about the benefits of Purchase Contracts? Try it out in your production environment with no commitment necessary. Simply activate the module in trial mode and contact us at Systema Solutions to receive expert guidance through the setup process. Explore its capabilities and see the impact on your operations at no additional cost for the first 30 days. It's a risk-free opportunity to revolutionize your contract management practices.  

  • Dynamic columns in the document journal: Customize your document journal list with dynamic columns to suit your unique needs. Enjoy personalized views, including specific data relevant to your workflow, along with sorting and filtering options for enhanced organization. This flexibility ensures you have the tools to manage your documents efficiently and effectively.

  • Notifications for admins about open documents: Stay informed and ahead of delays with the notifications feature. Automatically alert designated admins via email about open documents, ensuring prompt attention and enhancing overall workflow efficiency. By proactively addressing unprocessed documents, you can minimize bottlenecks and keep your operations running smoothly.

To learn more about what's new with Document Capture's latest release, watch this on-demand webinar below from Continia:

Got questions about Continia Document Capture? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


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