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Top questions about migrating Dynamics GP to Business Central

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Microsoft still continues to invest in Dynamics GP but over the past few years have made more considerable investment towards Business Central. With this move, many companies we meet ask us several questions about whether they will be required to move to Business Central, at what cost and what options are available for them.

If you’re like many of the customers we meet, then you came to the right place. This blog covers the top questions we get asked about moving from Dynamics GP to Business Central.

1. Are current Dynamics GP customers required to move to Dynamics Business Central?

No. Customers are not required to move to Dynamics 365 Business Central; however, to take advantage of the latest cloud-powered functionality including deep integration with Office 365, Power Platform capabilities, and advanced AI and ML-enabled scenarios, we suggest that they transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

2. What options are available for Dynamics GP customers?

There are 3 options for Dynamics GP customers.

a. Transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central online: By moving to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, customers will get all the benefits of a true cloud solution; such as easy 24/7 access, anywhere from any device with Microsoft’s secure servers, seamless upgrades, easy integration building through web APIs, and reduced hardware costs. For customers interested in the cloud, starting today, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers unprecedented opportunities to drive the transformation of the customers’ businesses, increasing their business performance through the power of Microsoft cloud technologies and services. Customers on any mainstream supported version of Dynamics GP can transition directly to Business Central without requiring an interim upgrade to a later GP version.

b. Try out Business Central while maintaining Dynamics GP as your primary solution. Continue to use Dynamics GP and check out Business Central with your data by using the cloud migration tool. You can see what benefits the cloud has to offer and see your data through the Intelligent Cloud Insights page inside of Dynamics GP. This option gives you an opportunity to try Business Central while still using Dynamics GP in production.

c. Renew BREP (Business Ready Enhancement Plan) without migrating or upgrading. Customers can stay in their GP version by renewing their BREP.

3. Will customers have to pay for cloud hosting if they move to Dynamics 365 Business Central online?

No, with Dynamics 365 Business Central online, everything is included in one fee–software, cloud hosting, and management services.

4. How does the Dynamics 365 Business Central licensing work?

You can read our blog here for more information about Business Central licensing or you can download this licensing guide.

5. Is Business Central available for on-premise deployment?

Yes, Business Central has flexible deployment options of either cloud or on-premises, with the same features. The decision entirely depends on your current business requirements.

6. Can I customize Business Central?

Yes, customers can customize Business Central with the new Extensions model. Customers can’t change standard code however and they need to use the event-based model.

7. Is there a free trial for Business Central?

Yes, there is a 30-day trial, that you can extend if necessary. Just contact us and we can provide you access to a free trial account.

8. If I decide to move to Business Central, is there a discount available?

Yes, there is a discount on Business Central SaaS licenses provided you are an existing Dynamics GP customer that is current with their BREP. Subscription discount can be up to 40%. You may also combine this with Systema’s Jumpstart Package so you can move to Business Central at the most affordable and fastest way possible.

9. Business Central’s maintenance seems more expensive than GP. Why is that?

Business Central’s per user, per month licensing, may seem more expensive but in reality, that’s about everything you need to run a new ERP. BC’s SaaS licensing doesn’t require you to invest in new hardware, Windows Server or SQL Server licenses or back up tools that when you take into account, adds up to your GP investment.

Request a free demo on Business Central

If you still have questions about migrating your Dynamics GP to Business Central, comment below or contact us at 403 744 5358. We’d be happy to clarify things for you.


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