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The Ultimate Cloud ERP Solution is Now Here

Updated: Jan 5, 2022


Hi there! You are still here in the office after 3 days of overtime, aren’t you? You are still rechecking your records because the numbers still do not add up? Oh, and the audit deadline is fast approaching, you say? You also know that adding more personnel is not the solution, right? And you are being faced with daily administrative tasks that you do not have any proper time to brainstorm with your team in order to bring great value to the company, aren’t you?

Does this paragraph seem familiar to you?

Yes, you are correct. This is because you have read this before in our previous blog entry about the company already having a fully-automated business process management system that can resolve all these.

But the difference between the previous entry and this one is, in truth, you might have a system in place, but it may not be fully-equipped and not robust enough to meet your growing needs or, worse, you may not have one at all.

The reason behind your current state is not just about the huge investment tied in getting the needed system in place; it may also be about not being able to find the right system that can empower your business – whether small, medium or enterprise-level – with tailored fit features you need to maintain a competitive edge in the market. These two components of being “pricey” and creating “workarounds” have never met eye-to-eye especially as every business has its own required recipe for its systems.

Well, until now.

While we are at it, we also want to finally conclude that with cloud-based software, the inability to organize wonderful industry-specific, role-specific and horizontal solutions is no more. There is only “ultimate flexibility”.

We now present to you (with great excitement!), Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The Ultimate Cloud ERP Solution is Now Here

Dynamics 365 Business Central reimagines how you do business in this ever-evolving day and age – where products and services are expected to be “ordered and shipped in just a day” and where the manual data tracking is never acceptable. It embraces what makes Dynamics NAV great – in a more simplified manner – plus the capabilities of Dynamics CRM, integration with Office 365 and extension to specific industry needs with PowerApps, Flow and PowerBI. With Business Central, you acquire the capabilities to:

  • Manage your financials across business units. Make actionable insights and informed decisions by creating an end-to-end, real-time management view of your company date thru connecting accounting, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer interactions; Streamline AR and AP and reconcile accounts to close automatically and in compliance; Enhance financial forecasting thru data analysis across multiple dimensions.

  • Automate your supply chain. Augment levels of inventory by using built-in intelligence to accurately predict when and what to replenish to avoid losses in sales, cut shortages and maximize profitability.

  • Keep projects on-time and on-budget. Manage customer projects real-time and end-to-end to ensure profitability while easily keeping in track all necessary details such as resource levels by planning capacity and sales, and customer invoicing against planned costs on order and quotes.

  • Sync customer service with larger closed sales. Be constantly informed on all customer interactions at every touch point and receive recommendations on what to upsell, cross-sell and on renewed opportunities for all sales leads; Be able to act quickly on sales inquiries, manage service requests, accelerate case resolutions and process payments by having a single view for all related tasks.

And the best thing: it is still evolving. There are unlimited possibilities with Dynamics 365 Business Central aimed to help your company make smarter business decisions, stay ahead of the competition and adapt to change. And it all takes just hours to get started.

Want to explore more?

Talk to us and let us join you in this next-generation journey to propel your business forward.


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