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Simplify Expense Management with Continia and Dynamics 365 Business Central

Updated: Mar 9

Efficiently managing expenses is a critical aspect of financial operations for any business. However, companies especially small to mid-sized ones often encounter significant challenges when integrating expense recording into their ERP systems. These challenges range from manual data entry to compliance enforcement, impacting not only the finance department but the entire organization.

Many clients we meet share with us these common expense management challenges. Are you experiencing any of these?

  1. Reliance on manual data entry for expense reporting, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

  1. Ensuring that employees adhere to company expense policies can be challenging.

  2. Keeping track of receipts and other documentation, especially in paper-based systems.

  3. Complex approval process and management for employee expenses, particularly in large organizations with multiple stakeholders and approvers.

  4. No proper visibility into employee expenses, making businesses struggle with identifying trends, tracking spending, and making informed decisions.

  5. Time-consuming and error-prone manual reconciliation of expense data with accounting systems.

If you are using Dynamics 365 Business Central, implementing an expense module there can significantly streamline this aspect of your business. One of the proven and most widely used expense management solution that seamlessly integrates with Business Central is Continia.

Expense management made easy with Continia and Business Central

What is Continia Expense Management?

Continia Expense Management is a software solution designed to streamline and automate the process of managing employee expenses within businesses. It offers a range of features and functionalities to simplify expense reporting, approval, and reimbursement processes.

Key features of Continia Expense Management typically include:

  1. Expense submission. Employees can easily submit their expenses using a web-based or mobile interface. They can upload receipts, enter expense details, and categorize expenses according to company policies.

  2. Approval workflows. Continia Expense Management offers customizable approval workflows that route expense reports to the appropriate stakeholders for review and approval. Managers can review expenses, approve or reject them, and provide comments or feedback as needed.

  3. Policy enforcement. The software helps enforce company expense policies by providing clear guidelines and validation checks during the expense submission process. This ensures that expenses comply with company policies before they are submitted for approval.

  4. Receipt management. The software allows users to upload and store receipts electronically, reducing the need for paper-based documentation. This makes it easier to track and manage receipts, minimizing the risk of lost or misplaced documentation.

  5. Integration with accounting systems. Continia Expense Management integrates seamlessly with financial management software, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV. This allows for automatic synchronization of expense data, simplifying the reconciliation process and ensuring accurate financial reporting.

  6. Reporting and analytics. The software provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities that allow businesses to gain insights into spending patterns, track expenses against budgets, and identify areas for cost savings and optimization.

How does my business benefit from Continia Expense Management?

Incorporating an expense module, such as Continia, into Business Central is more than a convenience; it’s a strategic decision that can lead to substantial benefits for SMEs. Here are just a few reasons to consider this integration:

  1. Simplified process of recording and submitting expenses. 

  2. Minimized the risk of human error, ensuring accuracy in financial records. 

  3. Easier enforcement of company expense policies. 

  4. Offers a clear view of company spending, aiding in budget management. 

  5. Accelerate the approval process for reimbursements. 

  6. Seamlessly integrate expense data with other financial operations in Business Central. 

  7. Get robust analytics for informed decision-making. 

  8. Reduce administrative costs associated with manual expense processing. 

Take a look at how Continia Expense Management works in this on-demand demo:

Overall, Continia Expense Management helps businesses improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in managing employee expenses, helping organizations saving time and money while ensuring adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements.

Are you ready to transform how you the expense management in your organization? Contact us today for your personalized demo.


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