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Why Should I Pick You? – A Guide on Choosing for an Implementation Partner

Updated: May 23, 2020

Here is an age-old question that has always been related to either the success or the downfall for most decision-makers in businesses of all sizes: “Why should I pick you?” And in this context, we will target the concept of the right selection for an implementation partner – keeping in mind that one wrong move of yours will spell massive dollars’ worth of disappointments, loss in business opportunities, begrudged effort and lingering hazardous what-if-I-did-that-instead thoughts.

I have been seeing articles that always describe – in majestic, extravagant statements – the right partner as a team who:

  • has strong technical and industry expertise,

  • understands business processes full well,

  • has a solid implementation plan with great dashboard representation of the calendar of activities,

  • is capable of listening to the needs of the client above and beyond what is asked,

  • has multiple badges and certifications claiming their proficiency in the services they do,

  • always responds in a timely manner to concerns,

  • can provide the lowest implementation cost.

But notice that all these can just be lip service that anyone today can fling towards anybody. These are good to hear; but not clear bases for you to reach your objective.

So if what partners may say might not be enough to get this question addressed properly, what we did is to go instead to customers we have partnered with to get the immediate answer and asked,

“What is it really, really the basis of knowing the right partner-in-crime for implementing your very own state-of-the-art, richly automated, fully secured, easy-to-use and dynamically engineered business process management system?”

And most responded with, “Simple. The partner endorsed by a certain reliable company of the same business situation we are in is the right partner to choose to implement the system.”

With the systematic shift of the IT world to go into the cloud, a stunning increase of IT consulting services has emerged. Many can now claim superiority and expertise in their services easily and so organizations should be most aware of this. A very reliable way is to talk to other similar businesses, learn how they were able to entrust the future of their company to their implementation partner and how they are doing now that the project is already finished. And by “finished” we mean it is only the start of the next phase critical towards the true success of the entire project.

The days after the implementation are very essential. Comprehensive knowledge transfer should have been provided before the system went live but the implementation partner should go beyond the service by providing proactive support engagement inclusive of comprehensive system support with SLA-based issue resolution, 24×7 phone and email support and ongoing consultation on best technology practices for the organization.

This is where Systema Solutions comes in and we are glad to share with you what our customers are enjoying now:

  1. Predictable and affordable monthly payment for easy budgeting.

  2. 24x7x365 proactive monitoring to catch issues no matter what time of the day.

    • 24×7 remote support

    • 24×7 phone and email support

  3. Consultative advice from system experts

  4. Hours-based ticketing

  5. Single point of contact

  6. Application service desk

  7. Incident analysis and resolution

  8. Monthly service report

  9. Development Support

With an end-to-end approach on implementation practices – starting with planning, then implementation and knowledge transfer, and up to support services – you can be assured that your objective for your project will be realized.

But do not just take our word for it! Take to our customers to learn more.

Contact us today and let us know once you are ready to move your business forward – in the right way, with the right solution, c/o the right partner.


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