Top 10 Dynamics Business Central Application Enhancements and New Features Wave 1 2020

Microsoft released major enhancements to Dynamics Business Central Wave 1 2020 and we’re stoked to share with you our top picks below:

#1 Receive more items than ordered

Users can now receive a quantity higher than the ordered quantity on purchase order based on the over receipt policy that you set up on the Over-Receipt Codes with or without approval.

#2 Recurring sales and purchase orders

Recurring sales and purchase lines are automatically insert on documents if there is only one recurring sales or purchase line exists for the customer or vendor. If multiple recurring sales or purchase lines exist for the customer or vendor, you will get a notification from where you can pick which one to insert.

#3 Correct or cancel posted invoice will add-back the quantity of the cancelled document.

Correcting or Cancelling partially shipped/received and invoiced orders will automatically update the Qty. to Ship/Receive and Qty. to Invoice on the originating order.

#4 Use of resources in purchase documents

Users can now use resource as a line type of purchase documents to monitor outsourced resources for a project or job.

#5 Collapse and expand document lines

Lines section on sales and purchase documents, and similar documents pages, can now be collapsed on the page to optimize their space as they work through a task.

#6 Disable export of data to Excel

The ability to export data to Excel from Business Central is now controlled by D365 Excel Export Action permission set.

#7 Import profiles and UI customizations

Users can now export or backup their profile customizations and import it in on a different environment (e.g. from sandbox to production).

#8 Use the Find Function on the Role Explorer

The new Find functionality in the Role Explorer complements the manual navigation and expanding or collapsing menu groups. The Role Explorer does not filter the result but highlights the hits and annotates the group using a teal colored circle.

#9 Camera/location AL API available in the browser

Developers can now programmatically activate the camera or get the current location coordinates through an AL-based API when Business Central is accessed through the browser.

#10 Enter data more easily

In editable lists, users can use the left and right arrow keys to navigate to the previous or next cell in a row. Tab Key no longer focus on the ellipsis that bring up context to the row.

Find the complete list of enhancements in this Microsoft announcement.