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The New Way to Enjoy Your Tasks in the Office

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The numbers do not match… again.

And here you are: After 3 days of overtime, and audit deadline is fast approaching, the numbers still do not add up. Adding more personnel to the table is not even enough to contain the situation. You cannot even fully track the progress of work other than what you see in your spreadsheet, which you still need to double-check later. What’s more, tracking and managing your supply chain and operations are so complex that you see yourself doing too much administrative tasks and too little operational work just to survive the daily grind.

Now let us look at – or for others, imagine – the bright side:

The good thing, though, is that your company already invested on a fully-automated business process management system to save the day! We rejoice in having a solution that delivers exceptional control over our financials, simplifies operations and showcases outstanding managerial reports to share to our stakeholders whenever they need them. Apart from the usual benefits, we can also highlight the following new things we can finally do that will change our lives for the better:

  1. Conversion from QuickBooks – No other system has ever been adept in being user-friendly. Whether you were a previous QuickBooks user or from any other business applications, being familiar with this recent release takes no time at all for you to maximize its features. With a great partner on your side, you will be able to go in lengths with user trainings and knowledge transfer seamlessly.

  2. User Task Assignment/Reassignment – As all business tools should strive for collaboration among teams, with this new system, you can now track tasks, be reminded of tasks to be done and even assign tasks to other users while being able to set the priority, start and due date, etc. for each task.

  3. New OOTB reports in Excel – As Excel continues to evolve, it is very useful to see that additional features – especially on the side of visually detailed ad hoc reporting (Jet Reports), among others, that are already pre-configured for selecting and printing – are readily available without any complex setup required.

  4. No more bottlenecks in posting – We can now process batches of orders, invoices and credit memos in one go! Similarly important, you have the capability of passing your completed document and letting the tool do the posting for you. No more screen freezing; farewell to the need to post later as the table is locked for use by another user and hello to managed workload.

  5. Continuity and Roadmaps – We choose a system not just based on addressing current challenges; but also, in its capability of facing future opportunities for growth. From the vision the system brings to us, the goal is to make it accessible to both small and midsize businesses and the enterprise space by integrating to cloud applications, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Office 365, Artificial Intelligence-based features and other 3rd-party apps. This is just how bright the future potential of the tool is.

Adding more to the list above, we can extend our enthusiasm when we heard that the system delivers the capability of printing 3 checks per page, improved OCR capabilities, enhanced Role-Tailored capabilities, improved Reports and Analytics stack, refined Office 365 and CRM integration, business regulation compliance, upgraded data security, and more.

We can just say that this new way of doing things in the office transcends all other effective – although traditional and now less relevant – approaches we had done in the past. This new way helps merge key business facets – finance, sales and operations – more efficiently and bring them together into one application we are very familiar with. Adding the unlimited potential and power of the cloud, business process automation can now be done anywhere at anytime, across all devices, with superior security and smooth user experience.

You guessed it, we are talking about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

Many businesses – whether small, medium or large enterprises – are now enjoying these advantages. If you are now ready to jump in and experience how to further shape up your business, talk to us. And with our 15+ years of combined, unprecedented expertise and professional experience on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we will help propel your business forward.


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