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Systema Solutions forms Strategic Partnership with Insight Works

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Edmonton, AB, Canada, June 10, 2019 – Systema Solutions, a growing IT software and services company has formed strategic partnership with manufacturing and distribution vertical leader, Insight Works to further add value to its roster of ERP solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industries.

Systema Solutions forms Strategic Partnership with Insight Works

Through the partnership with Insight Works, Systema Solutions will be able to help organizations to further improve productivity and simplify complex business processes through industry-leading products such as Warehouse Insight, Shop Floor Insight and Dynamic Ship.

“We want to make a difference in the IT industry by specializing in solutions – whether custom-developed or out-of-the-box – delivered on top of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central,” explains Ryan Johnson, Director of Technical Services for Systema Solutions. “In partnering with our geographic neighbors in Canada, Insight Works, we will be able to take this approach to a whole new level, delivering real value to our clients’ ERP implementations by reducing software costs without sacrificing service quality or benefit levels.

“Put succinctly, we look forward to making our clients’ lives significantly easier through technology and by tapping into the incredible resources offered by Insight Works.”

As a global leader in operational productivity improvement, Insight Works leverages a depth of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) expertise and a proven set of add-on modules, including Warehouse Insight, Dynamic Ship, Advanced Inventory Count, License Plating, Shop Floor Insight, MxAPS, Counter Sales, Product Configurator, NavXtender, Enhanced Planning Worksheet and Barcode Generator. In so doing, the company has become a standout entity in inventory management solutions, mobile warehouse data collection, shop floor data collection, integrated shipping solutions, point of sale solutions, planning and scheduling and more.

By leveraging on this partnership, Systema Solutions will be able to expand on its own capabilities while allowing customers to become more productive, agile and efficient. “For Insight Works and our Partner Program, it’s all about value,” states Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing for Insight Works. “That’s precisely what we’re bringing to Systema Solutions via our new partnership with the Canada-based organization, the goal being to help its representatives, in turn, deliver more value to their customers. With a full range of products and services dedicated to better business practices at Systema’s disposal, Insight Works is offering enhanced operational efficiency and high returns delivery – with a short payback period.”

About Insight Works

Insight Works is a global leader in productivity solutions for manufacturers, distributors and supply chains, offering end-to-end software applications ranging from procurement and warehouse management to manufacturing and shipping. Products include mobile warehouse data collection, shop floor data collection, inventory management, integrated shipping, payroll, scheduling and more.

Insight Works is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is recognized as one of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses. The organization is headquartered in Canada and boasts a European presence in the Netherlands and remote offices in the U.S., its products distributed by a global network of Microsoft Partners. To learn more, visit

About Systema Solutions

Systema Solutions is an IT software and services company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada specializing in helping customers improve productivity and streamline business processes through the use of technology. Our team of developers, engineers and functional consultants boast years of professional and technical experience in implementing, developing, deploying and supporting ERPs. To learn more, visit


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