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Canada-Alberta Job Grant for funding your SMB's Business Central training

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Do you have new Dynamics 365 Business Central users or existing users that need a training refresh for specific modules or tasks within Business Central? Would you like your finance team to continue leveraging the powerful features the new Business Central releases have to offer but have a limited training budget?

Continuous learning is critical to your employee's growth, especially learning the tools they need to stay productive and efficient. But more often than not, your business' increasing operational costs get in the way, and your training budget gets the least priority. The good news is that the Government of Canada provides financial support for Albertans through its Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) training program so your employees can access training opportunities. Your organization can apply on your employees' behalf, decide what training they need, and get funding to support that training.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant: What you need to know

How much is the funding?

Under the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, your organization will cover a minimum of one-third of direct training costs, up to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee in government contributions, and will have a cap of $300,000 grant funding per fiscal year.

How to become eligible?

For employers, the CAJG is available to:

  1. Private sector employers, including small businesses with sole proprietorship or partnership.

  2. Non-profit sector employers.

  3. First Nations and Metis Settlements.

  4. Agricultural Financial Services Corporation.

  5. Alberta Treasury Branches.

For trainees, you must have the following:

  1. Canadian citizen with permanent residency.

  2. Protected people under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act who are entitled to work in Canada.

  3. Business owners with 4 or fewer employees (including owners).

  4. Employed family members.

  5. Lives in Alberta.

Company owners with more than 4 employees, family members who are not current employees, or anyone temporarily working in Canada are not eligible for the program.

What are the training requirements?

  1. Total 21 instructional hours or longer per trainee per application.

  2. Start within 6 months after receiving the CAJG approval.

  3. Be completed within 52 weeks of the training course's start date.

  4. Result in some credential (record of completion, certificate, grade, and so on).

  5. Must be delivered on a full or part-time basis, and may be any combination of online, onsite or in a classroom setting.

How to apply?

  1. Read the Applicant Guide.

    1. Canada-Alberta Job Grant Applicant Guide.

    2. Canada-Alberta Job Grant Quick Reference Guide.

  2. Use the following application checklist documents to ensure that all requirements are complete.

    1. Canada-Alberta Job Grant Application Checklist for Employed Trainees.

  3. Complete the correct application for your trainees.

    1. Log in to Canada-Alberta Job Grant Portal to complete the application process.

How to receive payment?

  1. Read the Training Completion Checklist.

    1. CAJG Training Completion Form Checklist.

  2. Fill out the Training Completion form.

    1. Access the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Portal to complete the Training Completion.

You must submit the Training Completion form within 30 days of finishing your training.

What training can you use for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant at Systema Solutions?

We deliver Business Central training based on the content your users need, which includes any or a combination of the following:

  1. Product reorientation.

  2. Navigation training.

  3. Administration training.

  4. Specific tasks or modules within Business Central.

  5. Role-based training.

  6. Reporting Dimensions.

  7. Process Documentation.

  8. Workflow Automation.

At the end of the training, your trainees will receive a Certificate of Attendance from Systema Solutions.

We can help make the process easy for you.

Having helped several organizations secure grants for their training needs via the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, our team can help make the application process seamless and easy for you. Check out the links in this blog for guidance, or contact us today to learn more and get started.


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