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Accelerate Systems Integration to Dynamics NAV with Sync Partner Framework

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

When you’ve got multiple sources of data residing in various systems, you’d naturally want to integrate them together so your data’s integrity is safeguarded and manual processing is minimized. But oftentimes, a B2B (business-to-business) integration process alone takes a lot of time and becomes more tedious than ever to implement due to diverse systems in place or application compatibility issues.

Systema Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner with specialization in the implementation and customization of solutions on Dynamics NAV, has developed a ready-made solution for integrating NAV to practically almost all types of systems that you have in place to make that integration easy and flawlessly seamless. We call it Sync Partner Framework.

Accelerate Systems Integration to Dynamics NAV with Sync Partner Framework

Sync Partner Framework (SPF) is a ready-made integration solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses to enable them to leverage on an efficient, low-cost and reliable B2B integration with their Dynamics NAV. Enterprises can benefit from minimizing the amount of unnecessary and redundant time and energy spent on having to integrate and connect multiple systems using Sync Partner Framework. Without the assistance of SPF, depending on the complexity of the integration, a typical customization of integration would probably take weeks or months for the same process versus a couple of days using SPF.

One of Systema’s clients who has benefited from SPF has shortened the development time to integrate their point of sale system (POS) to Dynamics NAV. With over 40 branches in Canada and hundreds of retail transactions daily, it was imperative for this customer to make the integration fast, easy and painless for its users. SPF has dramatically shortened the integration development time with reusable codes and has enabled this customer faster time to market with no downtime during the integration process.

If you want to know more about what Sync Partner Framework can do for your business, contact us today for a free business consultation or drop us a line at


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