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Is it time to migrate Dynamics NAV to Business Central?

Over 30 years in the IT industry yet, it still feels like yesterday when Dynamics NAV became a highly regarded and popular accounting system for small to mid-sized organizations. Microsoft has improved and expanded its capabilities throughout its software lifecycle and many organizations had access to robust functionalities as their business grew.

But with cloud-based technologies sweeping the world with their advanced capabilities offering more innovative, secure and compliant digital environments, Microsoft transitioned its on-premises Dynamics NAV, hence the birth of the modern, cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central.

So why would you want to move your Dynamics NAV to Business Central and how do you determine if it's time?

If you are one of the 155,000 companies currently using Dynamics NAV in Canada and are in any of these phases, we recommend you move your Dynamics NAV to Business Central:

  1. You are using a legacy Dynamics NAV version.

  2. It takes too much time to process even simple tasks.

  3. You cannot find the right support for resolving errors in Dynamics NAV.

  4. You are heavily customizing Dynamics NAV to fit your evolving business processes.

  5. You are using outdated Dynamics NAV features that have no value in your current business needs.

  6. You are experiencing compatibility issues with more modern applications with your Dynamics NAV.

  7. You cannot leverage artificial intelligence or machine learning into your current Dynamics NAV version.

  8. Your users have difficulty collaborating to accomplish a task.

  9. You want to host Dynamics NAV in the cloud to empower remote working.

  10. You want to reduce infrastructure costs by eliminating the maintenance of costly servers.

Dynamics 365 Business Central
Migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central now.

Are you looking for a partner who can assist with migrating your Dynamics NAV to Business Central? We can help. Comment below or contact us here for your commitment-free personalized demo.


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