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We're celebrating our 7th anniversary

Updated: May 26, 2022

Amazing how the years went by and today, Systema Solutions is celebrating its 7th year in the IT industry.

When we first launched in 2015, our goal was very clear – to help our customers transform their business with technology. The last seven years was a roller coaster (but fun) ride.

Our founders, Ryan Johnson and Richelle Gatus started as hard core Microsoft Dynamics consultant and certified accountant respectively, early in their careers. Their entrepreneurial spirit has led to the birth of Systema Solutions to help Canadian SMBs take advantage of the best technologies at the most reasonable price. It wasn’t easy for us at the beginning, with our founders self-teaching their way in conducting Systema’s day to day operations. It was made even harder by staying abreast with the frequent changes and updates in technology, while keeping up with the demands of our projects. But through the years, we have adapted to new methodologies and improved on our services to provide the best experience and value for money for our customers.

7 years of transforming businesses with technology

Celebrating this win

No business ever comes easily, and we think that lasting seven years in the industry with nearly 100% customer satisfaction rate is no small feat for a growing business like us. We thank our customers for the trust in our capabilities and for working with us through the highs and lows of our projects. We also share this success with our partners who continuously innovate to make our solutions even better. We are very fortunate to have onboard perhaps several of the most passionate, dedicated and hard-working individuals in Alberta who helped shape our company to where it is now. Thank you to our amazing employees for their support through the years.

Lessons learned along the way

Looking back at how far Systema Solutions has gone, we would like to share with you a couple of lessons that we have learned along the way.

  1. Never be afraid to try something new or different. Be on the lookout for what's new to offer to help your clients solve their most unique and complex problems.

  2. Deliver well and your customers will talk about you in their network. Work hard to establish a good reputation in the industry by delivering quality, successful projects. Your customers will pay you with referrals.

  3. Trust your people to do their jobs and let them shine with your company. Richard Branson once said, "take care of your people and they'll take care of your business". They are one of the biggest contributors of your company's success so be sure to celebrate and acknowledge them in your achievements.

To those we have already worked with, thank you for your confidence and trust.

If we haven’t worked with you yet, we hope you’d stick around. Systema is on to greater and grander things in the years to come!


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